Let The Sun Shine In

Indoor Agriculture Without
The Sky-High Bills

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Let The Sun Shine In

Indoor Agriculture Without
The Sky-High Bills

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The SunVentive Zero™ Difference

Current cannabis agriculture facilities are designed with inherent failure points that cost a fortune to fix. They rely on excessive, energy-intense, and expensive artificial lighting and heat mitigation technologies that frequently fail, leading to crop failure.

By sidestepping these facility flaws, SunVentive Zero™ lighting and facility designs avoid this costly mitigation in the first place.

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The SunVentive Zero™ Advantage

Cutting-Edge Agritech

SunVentive Zero™ is the first in the industry to utilize the tubular daylight industry’s leading technologies in an agricultural environment, in coordination with full-color spectrum LED supplemental lights, grow room intelligence, and lighting intelligence software to improve your production and quality, while simultaneously reducing your overhead.

Incredible Energy Efficiency

By efficiently harnessing the sun, our designs use less electricity, reducing the carbon footprint, and cutting energy costs between 35% and 65%.

Improved Crop Quality

SunVentive Zero™ lighting solutions result in healthier, happier plants, with more fully developed terpene and cannabinoid profiles, because we utilize the power of full-color spectrum sunlight, with its natural, photosynthesis-driving PAR, while simultaneously preventing the transfer of heat-generating infra-red and UV radiation, which means there’s no heat buildup that is the single leading cause of crop failure.

Environmental Sustainability

SunVentive Zero™ focuses on building strategies and designing facilities that significantly reduce the impact on the environment. Simply, there is no other facility design choice that has as large an impact on your ability to cultivate with a such a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

Crop Agnostic

SunVentive Zero™ designs cultivation facilities and energy-efficient lighting systems for any type of plant, tailored to the indoor agriculture needs of any cultivator or location.

One of a Kind

There is simply no other indoor agriculture solution on the market like SunVentive Zero™. No other design comes close to our energy efficiency and crop failure reduction rate.

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