Let the sun shine in with SunVentive Zero™

By marrying the latest indoor cultivation technology with nature, SunVentive Zero™ is changing the way indoor agriculture is done.

All SunVentive Zero™ indoor gro lighting designs utilize patented technology to bring the sun's full-spectrum light indoors, along with all of the photosynthesis-driving PAR healthy plants need.

SunVentive Zero™ utilizes the power of the sun, improving outcomes while cutting energy costs and reducing crop failure. With SunVentive Zero™, what is good for the environment is also good for your bottom line. You'll be seeing green everywhere you look.

SunVentive Zero is more than just a design and construction partner. We will also work with you to develop strategies unique to your custom indoor agriculture solution to make the most out of your new facility.

SunVentive Zero™ services

SunVentive Zero™ can be a comprehensive partner in all aspects of your indoor grow operation. We can work with you and your team to create a facility design and a plan that work in tandem, or we can simply design and implement our patented, energy-efficient lighting solution, resulting in the highest quality crops, higher yields, lower energy costs, reduced water consumption, and a healthy and safe workplace, as we as the most environmentally-friendly approach.

  • Indoor agricultural facility design
  • Strategic lighting system layout & design
  • Implementation of intelligent lighting software
  • Long term data collection and optimization

Why is SunVentive Zero the future of indoor agriculture?

Conventional systems wrestle with nature, attempting to separate the process of cultivating crops from the natural environment. At SunVentive Zero, we believe this is a mistake. Instead of isolating crops from the environment, we tailor a facility that makes the environment easier to manage but uses as little additional lighting and climate control as possible. At the center of it all is using natural sunlight -- the source of all life on Earth -- to drive photosynthesis.

  • Full-spectrum light results in healthier, happier crops and higher yields
  • Little to no heat transfer cuts down on crop failure due to molds and mildews
  • Fewer lights mean a lower overhead expense, as well as reduced energy costs and waste
  • Utilizing sunlight in indoor space is healthier for labor team

Who does SunVentive Zero serve?

SunVentive Zero works with anyone in the agriculture industry who needs a smarter indoor cultivation facility. Farmers instinctively understand the importance of nature and the environment, and our solutions place the health of the ecology at the heart of our thinking. We are crop agnostic and believe every sector of the agriculture industry benefits from a more effective and efficient indoor growing solution.