August 26, 2021

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Check out the article below to read about our breakthrough technology and how we are working to revolutionize the indoor agriculture industry.
August 30, 2020

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Recently, an article on discussed the environmental impact of indoor cultivation and mentioned SunVentive Zero’s more energy efficient means of operation. Check it out!
January 14, 2020

Ithaca, NY Showcase comes to life!

Take a look into our Showcase event in Ithaca, NY! Look at the progress of our plants below over the course of a few weeks, with minimal artificial lighting involved. You can see that the plants are just about finished in the vegetative state, and will soon be put into a 12-hour light cycle to trip them into flowering.  Terrific growth. In their 18-hour vegetative light cycle, the artificial lights are only being used for half of that time, 9 hours. The other 9 hours is 100% photosynthesis being driven by the sun. And we are still in April! These photos, from April 20th, show the plants stabilizing after being transplanted.  These earliest photos, taken within a week of being transplanted, show the plants still scraggly and in a state of stasis as they adjust to the shock of being transplanted.