The SunVentive Zero™ Difference

The benefits of growing your crops in an indoor facility are obvious: you can cultivate year-round and better control the environment. However, there are inherent drawbacks to each type of cultivation facility.

Indoor agriculture today is primarily ruled by three different types of designs: HPS, LED, and mixed light greenhouses. Each of these designs has significant flaws that reduce the viability and quality of crops, harm the environment, and drive heightened energy costs.

What if your indoor grow facility was designed from the get-go to bypass these major flaws?

That’s where SunVentive Zero™ comes in.

Flaws in Common Grow Facility Setups

The SunVentive Zero™ Solution

SunVentive Zero™ brings full-spectrum, natural sunlight indoors, allowing cultivators to drive photosynthesis with supplemental LEDs only used sparingly; dramatically reducing energy costs, eliminating the main causes of crop failure, and creating a healthier environment for your crops and your employees. SunVentive Zero™ marries several patented technologies with strategic facility design to deliver an unparalleled cultivation process that harnesses the power of the sun. In doing so, SunVentive Zero™ produces the fullest expression of the cannabinoids and terpenes, even more so than outdoor plants due to the controlled environment indoor cultivation offers. Truly, SunVentive Zero™ combines the best of indoor cultivation with the best of outdoor cultivation, with the problems of neither.

  • Cut energy costs by as much as 75 percent
  • Elminates the main causes of crop failure
  • Brings natural, full-spectrum sunlight for healthier plants and healthier employees

Solatube™ daylight devices

Every SunVentive Zero™ design incorporates Solatube™ tubular daylighting systems, a polycarbonate tubular daylighting device that uses three patented technologies to absorb and dissipate UV, reflect IR, and bring full-color spectrum, natural sunlight indoors essentially unaltered. These devices bring not just the sun's natural light, they also drive photosynthesis with the Photosynthetically Active Radiation(PAR) plants use to grow,. And they bring it into an indoor space with little to no heat transfer. The result is an energy-efficient breakthrough in indoor cultivation lighting systems. These technological breakthroughs allow SunVentive Zero™ designs to cut energy costs by 40 to 70 percent.

Heat reduction

SunVentive Zero™ lighting systems also result in little to no heat transfer, eliminating heat build-up, and eliminating the main cause of crop failure. Little to no heat transfer also means less need for enormous HVAC systems, and the associated energy demands needed to run them, further slashing energy costs and reducing wasteful systems that put a strain on the environment and increase the carbon footprint of your facility.

Strategic lighting system design

When lights are necessary, SunVentive Zero™ incorporates a strategy that maximizes efficiency and keeps energy usage to a minimum. By marrying patented intelligent lighting software with a design that leverages natural sunlight, SunVentive Zero™ facilities use sunlight to turn off your lights. In other words, we only turn the lights on when we have to, and then, only as much as needed as per the light recipes our software designers build with your input. That means lower energy costs, less heat, a reduced environmental footprint, and healthier crops.